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How a Large Employer Selects an Insurer for ASO

From the Patient Journey series

Phase 2   

Visual Novel    |    Basic   

Duration  TBD

In this employer journey, you will follow a large employer as it looks for an insurer to provide administrative services for its self-funded health insurance plan. We invite you to provide feedback from any perspective: the employer, the benefit consultant, the insurer, etc.

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As you progress through this employer journey, you will understand:

  • What “self-funded” plans are, and why larger employers prefer them
  • What “benefits consultants” are, and the role that they play in the industry
  • What an “RFP” is, and why it’s an important process for employers and insurers
  • What “Administrative Services Only” means
  • Some important elements of the RFP that insurers provide answers for
  • The high-level steps of the RFP process
  • Examples of add-on products that insurers provide, such as “stop loss” coverage
  • Why prescription drug coverage is included or excluded from the RFP
  • What the plan implementation process looks like at a high level, once an insurer wins the employer’s business

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