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There are many external forces exerting change on physician groups. We have chosen to focus on the following:

  1. Healthcare is Too Expensive
    • Aging population and demographics
    • Expensive mix of treatments
    • New costly drugs and technologies
  2. Struggle to Survive
    • Difficult to Remain an Independent Physician Practice
    • Challenging Relationship with Parent Hospital/Owner
    • Ongoing mergers and acquisitions
  3. Increasing Oversight and Regulation
    • Time-consuming administrative and regulatory burdens
    • Payment policies mandated by insurers and government favor large
    • Antitrust concerns
  4. Pressure to Improve Outcomes
    • Improve patient safety
    • Lower costs
    • Holistic view of the patient
  5. Society’s Demand for More Accountability
    • Opioid addiction epidemic
    • Increased transparency
    • Community health partnerships
  6. Growing Consumer Expectations
    • Telemedicine
    • Personalized care
    • Lowest cost and no surprises
  7. Growth of Alternative Payment Models
    • Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
    • Bundled payments
    • Pay-for-performance formulae
    • MACRA and MIPS
  8. New Type of Competitors
    • High-service retail clinics
    • High-tech medical groups
    • Private-equity backed organizations
  9. Technological Challenges
    • Cloud-enabled data-sharing
    • Increased transparency
    • Cyberattacks and data-protection

If you have additional factors that you’d like us to integrate, let us know! We regularly update this Big Picture and all of the resources we provide.

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