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Use this tool to engage people about the external forces impacting your team and the nursing profession experience.

  • Broaden perspectives about what’s driving change
  • Generate strategic thinking
  • Set the context for operational change
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There are many external forces exerting change on physician groups. We have chosen to focus on the following:

  1. Short-staffing levels
    • Experienced nurses are retiring
    • Too few nurses for too many patients
    • Cost cutting
    • Long shifts
  2. Hazards and Dangers
    • Diseases and pathogens
    • Needles and sharps
    • Illness & injuries
  3. Workplace violence
    • Physical violence
    • Bullying and harassment
  4. Lower Gratification
    • Lack of respect
    • Moral distress (when you can’t provide care you think is necessary)
    • Pay gaps and variances
  5. Dysfunctional Team
    • Unwelcoming veteran nurses
    • Poor on-boarding
    • Lack of communication
  6. Growing Demands
    • Expanding role in patient care management
    • Evidence-based practice
    • New technologies
    • EHR and other paperwork

If you have additional factors that you’d like us to integrate, let us know! We regularly update this Big Picture and all of the resources we provide.

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